Hi, we are David and Luncinda Chlupacek. We purchased this hotel in 2003 after driving through a small town in Iowa by the name of Pisgah.  We saw this building and knew exactly what we wanted to do with it.  It has taken several years, blood, sweat, and tears but finally after 9 years we have made it into our home and into a full service bed and breakfast.

The building is 104 years old and ran as the Hotel De Perrin from 1908-1916. It then became the Pisgah Hotel owned by the Kress Family in 1916 and operated as a full service hotel until 1974.  In 1974 the Kress Family closed the hotel and opened a Beauty Shop on the main level from 1974 to 1978. The building sat empty for all these years until we purchased it in 2003.  We bought it from a couple who received it as a wedding gift.

David purchased it for Cindy as a Wedding Anniversary gift. When you visit you will notice that all of the woodwork in the hotel remains the same as it was in 1908.  The structure remains the same as well. After purchasing it we had our children and grandchildren help with the demolition. One room at a time, we finally completed all bedrooms and bathrooms. We have four beautiful rooms for you to choose from, each have their own theme and decor to match.